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How can I optimize the performance of UntappedLab on my computer?

To optimize your experience, we recommend the following: Processing speed Be aware that additional programs, tabs, and browsers use your RAM. When you run other programs, this impacts the performance of all your programs, and therefore the Untapped platform. When you...

What are the system requirements for UntappedLab?

Here are the system requirements needed to ensure an optimal experience with the Untapped platform. Recommended browsers and versions We recommend using the latest version of your browser and update as soon as a newer version is available. You can check the current...

How do I reach other departments in UntappedLab?

If you want to reach other UntappedLab departments, such as Billing or Legal, please reach out to the Support team by clicking “Contact Us” on the platform, or by emailing

When is your Support available?

The UntappedLab team aims to provide you high-quality service in a timely manner. On weekdays, our support team is available between 8am to 8pm EST. All inquiries will be addressed within 1 business day of submission.

Who should use UntappedLab?

UntappedLab is the ultimate platform that will bring investor marketing capabilities to anyone looking to amplify their investment story beyond traditional tactics. This includes issuers but also IR and PR firms looking to expand their capabilities and offer a...